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Prepare for your overnight campus stay.

Frog fountain at night


Each unit contains a MicroFridge, which is a combination microwave/mini-fridge. Guests may use the mini-fridge for medication or beverages. Please note that adult groups are allowed alcohol, but it may only be consumed privately within the residential unit; it is not allowed into the common/public areas within the residence halls or other campus areas.

Kitchens & Lounges

Within your residence hall, all common spaces are free to use. There is no reservation process; they’re first-come, first-serve. Please keep in mind that you may be sharing the hall with another group. Groups are responsible for fines related to damages or excessive trash.

Internet Access

Adult guests will be provided a unique username and password upon arrival. This login info is to be used on the eduroam WiFi network. Note that the purpose of internet use is meant to be business communication (such as email). The bandwidth is not necessarily meant to support streaming or gaming.

If youth groups require individual WiFi access for learning, then it may be provided. Please contact the Office of Conference Services for more information.


Laundry facilities are available in each residential community free of charge.


To receive mail as a summer camp or conference guest, please use this address format:

Texas Christian University
Office of Conference Services
Group Name c/o Your Name
TCU Box 298310
Fort Worth, TX 76129

Table Tennis

Tables are available in certain halls, but groups must bring their own paddles and balls to use.

University Recreation Center

Adult (18 or older) summer guests may use the Rec Center on their free time. Groups that request individuals be allowed to use the rec center and pay themselves will have two options described below. The group/department must send a list of names to Conference Services and notify of intention to use the Rec Center no less than seven days prior to use. Conference Services will pass the names to the Rec Center.

University Recreation Center

Fees Paid by Patron

A) Show photo ID and conference badge to be allowed to pay $5.00 guest fee with no sponsoring member at the member service desk. This can be done any time the facility is open.

B) Be on the list of names, provided by Conference Services, and show photo ID and conference badge to office staff to be allowed to purchase a weekly (special admission pass) for $20.00 per week. This must be done in the front office during office hours.

Fees Paid by Organization

For all groups that request individuals (generally conference instructors) be allowed to use the Rec Center, individuals will need to come to the front office to show their photo ID and conference badge to obtain the $20.00 weekly pass. The department will be invoiced at the end of the conference.

Mary Couts Burnett library

Mary Couts Burnett Library

Visitors (including TexShare and TCU alumni) must present a photo ID and sign in for each visit to the library. Minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians. Visitors entering by the west entrance (facing University Drive) should sign in at the west entrance desk, and visitors entering via the east entrance should sign in at the Library Services desk.

We welcome visitors during our visitor hours. Please check the library hours page for current visitor hours. Generally, the Library's outside doors lock at 8pm and visitors are not allowed entry after 8pm, and visitors who have entered prior to 8pm may stay until midnight. Please note: the Library may close earlier due to holidays and other special days, between semesters, and during the summer. Check hours while planning your visit.

Library Hours