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Event Planning & Scheduling

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TCU takes pride in serving external events that are educational or community-based in nature. Ideally located in our cozy corner of the Metroplex, the campus's specialized academic facilities and upscale event venues make it a prime destination for an unforgettable, unique experience.  The Office of Conference Services assists 250-300 programs in these areas annually.

If your event partly involves an external audience and partly involves TCU faculty, staff, or students, please review the TCU facility usage definitions and additional liability requirements.

General Timeline (Non-Residential Events)

TCU opens reservations to outside groups for the proceeding academic year. View our facilities to learn more about our space options for you.

Ideally, you will receive a General Facilities Agreement (contract) no later than this time.

Ideally, our deadline for your signed Agreement, deposit and certificate of insurance is no later than 30 days prior to event; youth training and background checks are due at this time as well, if your program will include minors. If necessary, we will schedule a planning meeting or phone call with you to discuss event set up and logistics.

For new groups, this is the hard-stop deadline to submit Special Events Application.

Meet or call to discuss event set up and logistics; finalize event timeline, agenda, and requests.
Reconcile any charges and invoice if necessary; debrief if necessary.

Take the First Step

To get to know us more, send us an inquiry including as much detail as possible about your organization and your event. If you’ve already been in touch with us and confirmed the availability of space, start by completing this Special Events Application in order to officially secure your reservation.

So that we can ensure the safety of our campus community and your guests, TCU requires external organizations to follow risk management protocol for their events:

Once these items are underway, we will then start planning your event alongside building managers, A/V staff, and Sodexo Dining Services. Together, we will plan facility logistics and assist with your event agenda.

What’s Included

With your facility rental, here is the total package of services and resources at your disposal:

  • Catering. At the Brown-Lupton University Union and TCU Athletics, all catering is exclusively served by Sodexo. Sodexo will bill you separately for food service. If you use Sodexo, they will supply linens and tablecloths included in the cost. Sodexo may also provided linens at a fee if you do not order food & beverage.
  • Audio/Visual. Basic A/V equipment is included in the rental. Groups must bring their own laptops, USB drives, and other media storage devices. During your pre-determined set-up time, TCU will provide “set-and-go” service to help your team set up and test all components of your A/V - provided we have scheduled notice in advance for this task (TCU may not be able to accommodate an extra rehearsal reservation for A/V). At additional cost, TCU may be able to provide staffing to facilitate your A/V during the event, but we cannot help you build/create your visual aids such as PowerPoint. You may also supplement with equipment beyond what’s built-into the space, either using TCU Center for Instructional Services or renting from an external vendor. Generally, our spaces are conducive to speaker events, but the audio capabilities were not intended for live music. Please discuss with the TCU team whether things like live music, live feeds online, image magnification, or supplemental lighting might be possible.
  • In-Room Resources. Items such as tables, chairs, and staging are included in the rental cost (up to the quantity that TCU owns).
  • WiFi. TCU Conference Services can provide unique login codes for guests and presenters who require them for a business or educational purpose. WiFi is not recommended in this format if not is not central to the program.
  • Signage. For an additional fee, TCU can create and supply signs. For foot traffic signage, please coordinate with TCU Conference Services and TCU Printing & Copying. For outdoor parking/vehicle direction signs, please coordinate with TCU Conference Services. Please approve any external signage with TCU before bringing to campus.
  • Housekeeping & Grounds. Housekeeping and grounds costs may be included in the facility rental depending on your event location. Please speak with the Office of Conference Services to learn more.
  • Parking. Parking in the Frog Alley Parking Garage or Lot 6 is expressly designed for visitor events at the Brown-Lupton University Union and the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center. Visit our parking page or to learn more about parking all across campus.
  • Security. TCU Police will determine staffing needs based on your event information. Alcohol service requires TCU Police presence.