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Summer Camps & Conference Housing & Dining Policies

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Colby Hall Lobby

Residential Room Types Available:

  • Double Occupancy Bedroom with Community Style Restroom
  • Double Occupancy Bedroom with attached Suite-Style Restroom
  • Private Occupancy Bedroom within a Suite (Restroom(s) located inside the suite)
  • Private Occupancy Bedroom within an Apartment (Restroom(s) and kitchen located within the apartment)

View Accommodations and Amenities to learn more.

Housing Safety/Security

  • All TCU residence hall entrances remain locked 24 hours per day and require an ID card for access.
  • Specific ID card access to entrances will be required by the Camp/Conference on the Master Registration (MR).
  • Attendees will be given a room key upon check-in. Failure to return the room key to the Concierge Desk upon check-out will result in a Lost Key Charge.
  • Any room key lost during the event must be reported to the Concierge Desk immediately and will result in a Lost Key Charge of up to $150, depending on room type.
  • For the safety and privacy of TCU academic year residents and summer guests, photos and/or copies of the residence hall floor plans are prohibited. Once you receive your residence hall assignment, you may schedule an appointment with Housing & Residence Life to view that specific floor plan.
  • TCU, including all residence halls, is a tobacco-free, smoke-free and vape-free campus.

StarRez Conference Housing Application

  • Once the Camp/Conference Intake Packet has been submitted to TCU Conference Services, a custom link will be emailed to you so you can access the StarRez Event Registration. Once that is complete, you will be emailed login credentials to submit the StarRez Conference Housing Application. If you have multiple events, you must complete a separate StarRez Event Registration for each event, which will generate separate login credentials specific for each event.
  • In order to receive housing, you must acknowledge and agree to the “TCU Camps and Conferences Contract Information”. 
  • The StarRez Conference Housing Application will require you to submit the following information for each event:
    • Number of attendees
    • Attendee status (staff, minor, etc)
    • Preferred gender identity of attendees
    • Room type preference
    • Check-in/out times (Check-out by 1:00pm)
    • Storage and/or office space requests (available for a separate fee)

Summer Planning

Colby Hall Lobby


All residential camps are required to have a meal plan for all attendees (Meal plan is defined as three meals per day per attendee). For special dietary needs/requests, please email

Master Registration (MR)

  • The MR must be submitted to Housing & Residence Life within seven days prior to arrival with the following required final information for all attendees: Name, Gender, Attendee Status (Staff, Minor, etc), Check-In/Out Dates, Room Assignments and ID card access requests.
  • For attendee safety, changes to the MR room assignments within seven days prior to arrival must be approved by Housing & Residence Life.
  • Attendees not included on the MR cannot be guaranteed on-campus accommodations.
    • If those attendees are provided on-campus accommodations, they will be charged the housing room rate in addition to a fee of up to $100 per attendee, including late commuter additions or changes (to cover housekeeping, access cards, and other planning arrangements).
  • The Camp/Conference shall be charged for 95% of the guaranteed attendee number provided on the MR or the actual head count or room counts, whichever is greater.
  • TCU does not guarantee availability of facilities, food and/or housing in excess of the guaranteed attendee numbers provided on the MR.
  • The MR will also have a section to identify non-residential attendees for meal plan purposes.

Housing Check-In/Check-Out

  • TCU Housing & Residence Life provides a staffed centralized Concierge Desk from 9am to 11pm, daily.
  • TCU Conference Services will provide the number for the 24-hour on-call staff who may be contacted for emergencies and non-housing related concerns.
  • TCU will coordinate the 4-hour check-in window with the Camp/Conference Liaison, based on the submitted times on the StarRez Conference Housing Application.
  • Within 24 hours after check-in, the Camp/Conference Liaison agrees that any damage or concern in any attendee residence hall room will be reported to the Concierge Desk.
  • Any damage caused by an attendee will be included in the final invoice.
  • Before arrival and after check-out, TCU will conduct a walkthrough of all residential spaces used. At TCU's discretion, fines may be incurred for excessive trash or damages in the space. Groups must take their trash from residential rooms into the trash rooms on each floor. It is highly encouraged for camp leads and counselors to join TCU on the post-camp walkthrough, if possible.
  • Check-out by 1:00pm.
  • The Camp/Conference will be charged an additional night of housing for each attendee not checked out by agreed upon checkout time, on the last day of the event as listed on the Master Registration (MR).

Housing Cancellation

  • Cancellation of housing within 8-14 days prior to arrival will result in a 50% charge of the StarRez application attendee numbers.
  • Cancellation of housing within 7 days prior to arrival will result in a 95% charge of the Master Registration attendee numbers.