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Athletic Facilities Use Policy

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The use of TCU athletic facilities must be coordinated through the facility's coordinator and Conference Services. On-campus use of athletic department facilities by campus groups may contact the athletic department directly. Off-campus groups must contact Conference Services. The use of any athletic facility must not in anyway conflict with any workout or contest by any TCU team. The condition of the facility must be left as found.

It is the desire of the Athletic Department that no concert or dance be permitted in any facilities. No fork lifts or other motorized equipment will be used on the Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena floor. All field (grass) equipment and or stages must first be approved by the department and the University Agronomist.

Conference Services' general policy regarding use of any campus facility:

  • The event sponsor must be (1) official TCU group, (2) TCU-sponsored group event, (3) off-campus youth educational group, (4) off-campus non-profit community educational group.
  • Sponsor must comply with University's insurance requirements, abide by University regulations, and pay appropriate fees communicated by Conference Services. The University policies shall be followed in the event of inclement weather. The University has a campus-wide lightning detection system that shall be considered the standard for all patrons, teams, coaches, and officials.
  • The University shall retain the right for cancellation of games and/or practices on fields or courts due to scheduling or field conditions. Every effort will be made to accommodate our guests but in the event of rescheduled games or post season play, schedules may have to be modified with minimal notification. Field conditions that are considered detrimental to intercollegiate play will be determined by the Athletic Administration and Intercollegiate Sport Coaches.

All set-up and equipment needs require written approval from Conference Services.

Additional staffing (e.g., security, parking attendants, etc.) requirements by sponsor may be required per Conference Services. Security requirements are to be determined by the TCU Police Department.


  • Exclusive use of the space for a full day
  • Load in may commence 3 hours prior to event – additional load time is $100/Hr.
  • Use of existing furniture based on rental rate
  • 60” round or 8’ rectangle tables and cocktail rounds are available for rent from outside vendors.
  • Groups are encouraged to adhere to a “what you see, is what you get” room set up
  • Set-up and breakdown of tables, chairs, and staging may be done with approval from TCU* Athletics and at an additional fee
  • Custodial and housekeeping services at an additional cost
  • Manager on duty
  • Liability Insurance will be required for rental
  • Free parking anytime and valet parking can be provided – (see below)**

Fees for Use of Facilities

Groups will be charged for painting and maintenance of fields and courts. A “usage” fee will be applied to all groups that use fields and courts. The fee is $3.00 per person per session or camp. A camp or series of games constitutes one session. Flat athletic rental for nonprofit groups is $150 per facility per event. This does not apply to outside groups that rent the facilities. Their usage fee will be built into the rental agreement.

Approved Event Types for Facilities

Amon G. Carter Stadium

  • TCU Football
  • TCU-sponsored camps
  • High school playoffs (priority first caller)
  • Approved special events

Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena

  • TCU Basketball – Men’s and Women’s
  • TCU-sponsored camps

Ed and Rae Schollmaier Basketball Complex

  • Intercollegiate team practices
  • High school practices
  • AAU teams

Charlie and Marie Lupton Stadium

  • TCU Baseball
  • TCU-sponsored camps
  • High school games and playoffs

Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility

  • Intercollegiate team usage
  • Intramural usage with coordination from the AAD, Dir. of Football Ops., Rec. Sports Dir.
  • Approved special events

Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium

  • TCU Soccer – Men’s and Women’s
  • TCU-sponsored camps
  • High school games and playoffs
  • Camps

Robert and Maria Lowden Track & Field Complex

  • Public use permitted during non-team workouts
  • No outside group workouts without coordination through Conference Services or AAD
  • Track team works out M-F 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., M-F during academic year

Parking Lots

  • Conference Services events
  • TCU functions
  • Outside TCU functions

TCU Rifle Range

  • Controlled by ROTC and rifle coach

Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center

  • Controlled by Tennis Center

Pool (indoor and outdoor)

  • Controlled by TCU Recreation Center sports staff


  • Controlled by TCU Recreation Center sports staff
  • TCU Volleyball TCU-sponsored camps