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Moudy Auditorium Use Policy

Moudy Auditorium

Moudy 141 North Policy Notice

The podium on the stage of Moudy 141 cannot be moved or unplugged in any way. If you are reserving the space for a student or student group a faculty member or staff member must remain present while the space is in use and be responsible for ensuring the classroom is left in working order. If you need assistance with the projector, sound or lighting in the space you can contact the Center for Instruction Services (CIS) at 817-257-7121 to assist you.

Please understand that Moudy 141 is primarily used as a classroom and moving or tampering of the podium can cause disruption in the class or lead to a class being canceled.

If any of the equipment is not in working order please contact CIS immediately and let them know. The person reserving the space will be held responsible for any damages to the space.

Recap of the rules:

  • Do NOT move the podium.
  • Do NOT unplug the podium.
  • Students or Student Groups must have a faculty or staff member present ensuring the space is in working order. 
  • If you need any assistant with the equipment contact CIS at 817-257-7121.
  • Leave all equipment in working order.